Learning Pod Group have adopted a family, holistic approach to assist children to develop and reach their goals

Using a holistic and person-centred approach to identify areas impeding a person’s ability to achieve their goals by changing aspects of the environment, providing equipment or techniques to then improve engagement in school.

Our team have regular meetings about each child’s goals and work together to achieve them across the board, strengthening the success of each child and their future.

Learning Pod Group has its own Occupational Therapist available to support our team and your child.

Occupational therapists focus on providing assistance for participation in the activities that are meaningful to the individual at home, school and in the community; through the use of functional assessment and developing specific intervention techniques tailored to the individual person.

We use fun, hands-on and engaging activities to improve ability in areas they may need help:

Improving fine motor skills Important for handwriting, cutting, or completing small intricate tasks
Strengthening gross motor skills For developing strong grasps, carrying items, or playing with blocks and balls (gross motor play)
Developing coordination & proprioceptive skills Improve overall function in sports, full body activities, play, and regulating emotional behaviour
Providing Positive Behaviour Support For parents who are experiencing difficulties with their child’s behaviour and emotional regulation
Sensory Profiling Assessment & Sensory Integration intervention Educating parents and their children on modulating sensory input and in turn, regulating a child’s behaviour and emotions

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