Capacity building / social skill classes / Improved Daily Living

Learning Pod Group is approved for Support Planning, Daily Living, and Wellbeing under NDIS.

We work in partnership with NDIS families with a focus to build your child’s capacity.

The team at the Learning Pod Group will work closely to assist children to communicate effectively, build their resilience and emotional regulation, practise social skills, and overall confidence to engage to participate in recreation, education, and within the community.

By working with each child one to one, we are able to discover their passions and interests.

Our team concentrates on life skills to encourage the child’s capacity to complete daily tasks independently.

Below are examples of life skills we can focus on:

How to use money and tell the time,
Written communication and verbal skills,
Social skills within small groups
Communicate with peers effectively, and
Problem solving with real life scenarios

When preparing the NDIS support plan for your child, we will work closely with all stakeholders – families, schools, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, etc.

We work closely with external support agencies and we also offer allied health services within our team.

Contact the team at the Learning POD GROUP to determine how we can assist you further

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