Department of Communities and Other

Our team of educations offer specialised support to children under the care of Department of Communities or other foster-care service providers Australia-wide.

Our management team have been working within the foster care system for over 12 years and understand the complexities of how to communities with social workers, carers and educational officers within the child’s care team. Our goal is to provide the educational support each child needs to succeed, combined with a genuine respect and understanding of their unique situation and challenges.

Each child’s educational plan is unique. Some children will be working towards academic goals to align with their school, others may work on skills that are going to help them in everyday life such as money and time, and some may be looking for a way to make their interests and passions more meaningful in an educational context.

Our team has a large range of skills and training around the effects of trauma – specifically its effects on children. If, due to whatever reason, the child is unable to attend school, we provide a mobile tutoring service and will tailor our curriculum around helping them build social and life skills, along with their educational development. Our educators will create educational plans and provide ongoing support throughout each child’s journey.

From group tutoring to inhouse outreach or helping students transition from home, to small groups to then attending school, we provide support for all ages, stages and learning needs – and will tailor our services to suit each individual child.

Can we help?

Please talk to our management and head educators to provide a full case overview so we can ensure the right support and plan is in place before we engage with the child. Our priority is always the safety and best interests of the children we work with, and we will make sure we have all the necessary communication processes in place to assure a positive outcome.

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