The Learning Pod Group are delighted to offer our community a wide range of sensory equipment and resources to suit all your upcoming events. Our specialised equipment caters for children with a large range of sensory needs including tactile, proprioception and vestibular, as well as creating opportunities for children to explore and stimulate their visual, sound, fine motor and gross motor skills. Our core sensory items focus on four main areas including: quiet play; a place for calming and balance, light exploration play; to calm and focus visual stimulation, fidget and fine motor play; to stimulate and calm the nervous system through sensory input and nature play; for creative sensory play and exploration. Learning Pod Group will set up, supervise, and pack up the equipment, giving you one less task to focus on. Our experienced staff can assist families to navigate the areas specific to their child’s needs.


Often the chaos, noise and ongoing routines of daily life can become overwhelming for many individuals. Providing a calm zone allows children and adults alike the ability to enter a safe space to self-regulate and calm both their bodies and their emotions. By providing this environment all individuals will feel a sense of autonomy and control in a situation in which they may find themselves feeling out of control.


Equipment available includes: bean bags, sensory box, noise cancelling headphones, acoustic room dividers, weighted blankets, colour mixing squares.


The light zone can be used to support children and adults who are both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding. At different times individuals may need to either calm or stimulate their senses. The light zone provides a perfect place for them to enter and take control of their own senses. Our light zone provides calm coloured lights to come in explore and actively reduce their visual stimulation while allowing for opportunities for exploration and investigation.

Equipment available includes: 3D light shapes


Fidget toys are most commonly used to provide students additional sensory input required that they are not currently getting from the environment. They can also be used to help improve concentration and focus in situations of highly external sensory input. In both situations, individuals can utilise the fidget zone to both stimulate and calm the nervous system.

Equipment available include: kinetic sand, water beads, magnetics boards, puzzle boards, heat sense board, stepping stones and logs set, range of


The nature play zone can be used in a similar fashion to that of the sensory play zone; students can use this zone as an opportunity to focus their attention on one task and reduce the stress or anxiety they may be feeling from external environment. In doing so they are providing themselves any additional or a reduction in sensory input that they personally require in order to continue to function and participate for the remainder of their day.

Equipment available includes: grass cubes and spheres, grass play mat, wooden blocks, wooden coloured perspex blocks, leaves.

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