Support and group learning opportunities for Homeschooling Families

With the rising mental health concerns in our youth, the commonality and brutality of bullying, and the need for additional education support for children struggling with the social aspects in mainstream schooling, Homeschooling is becoming a popular option for many families. We can provide extra help and support for you in your additional role as ‘Teacher’.

Access help and advice from our teachers, get assistance with the week’s schooling plan and watch your child thrive in a fun, hands-on, small group learning environment. You will also have access to the same resources used by our educators so you can continue the learning at home.

Homeschooling Group Classes

Join one of our group classes for homeschooling students, or talk to us about creating your own group, available for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, with a maximum of eight students per group.

We will carry out an Educational Assessment with your child (included in cost) so we can assess where they are at and find the areas where they will need our help. Maths and English skills will be the focus, while our educators will tailor sessions to each student’s individual learning goals as highlighted by their assessment.

A curriculum, specific to your child and meeting the Australian Curriculum standards, will be supplied, along with exclusive use of our extensive in-house resources. Our assessment is also a great way to give you the confidence that your child is on the right track and can get any additional help needed in specific learning areas.

We have specific educators who can support your child in their personal development of social skills, resilience, and life skills, as part of the three hour class.

All classes are weekly 3-hour sessions at $400 per child, per 10-week term. Join us anytime and enrolments will be adjusted accordingly.

Along with a social, group learning opportunity for your child, these sessions give you a well-deserved break and the chance to ask our teachers any questions you have.  We are here to support you and aim for our sessions to be the perfect addition to your child’s ongoing education.

Custom packages and mobile support are also available – just talk to us today about the best options for your child.