Learning Pod Group provides customised education to homeschool families.

We cater to all year levels in groups no larger than 8 students.


Each student is given an educational assessment to pinpoint any gaps we may need to address.

We then work out a program based on your needs. We can teach your student the subjects you don’t feel as comfortable with, or focus specifically on certain learning goals alongside your homeschool program.


Our students currently work with our English, HASS, Maths, and Science tutors as well as our Youth Educator who specialises with students disengaged from mainstream education.

As well as each individual planning for each student, each family receives an updated report online after every class.

Our homeschool families are welcome to access all our resources for at home support with guidance from our experienced educators. We also offer 5% off in store purchases to support our homeschool families.


We currently have an upper primary class Tuesdays 10 – 12 and a high school class Fridays 10 – 12.