At Learning Pod, we recognise the growing need for customised, individual learning. We offer a large range of educational programs including small homeschooling classes and individually tailored one to one tutoring. We also provide educational enrichment to both gifted and talented children and those with special educational needs such as children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, and ADHD.

10 weeks of one on one tutoring (one hour per week): $69 per session
Casual tutoring: $80 per hour

Homeschooling term: $350
Two hours per week for 10 weeks (1-3pm)
*Max 8 students per class
We currently have a class running Monday 1-3pm

Educational Assessment: $299
Created exclusively for Learning Pod, our assessment tests children in literacy and numeracy and establishes whether they are on target, below target, or above target for their age. We provide specific feedback on 21 different spelling skills, 14 reading skills, and 17 numeracy skills, as well as a written recommendation for future solutions.

Check out our calendar for tutoring and events, or feel free to call or email for inquiries about our educational programs.

Phone: 1300 123 763 (POD)