Learning Assessments


Understand exactly what educational support your child needs to succeed!

We are very proud of the comprehensive Educational Assessments we have developed here at Learning Pod, which have been specifically designed by a team of experts in youth and education to identify gaps in a child’s essential Maths and English skills.

Students are guided through the assessments by our educators who have all the tools on hand needed to help tailor the test to each child. They are assessed on 47 different areas, all aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and this allows us to make sure that every session with us is addressing the basic, foundational skills they need to set them up for success in their schooling and in their lives.

Why is this such an important step?

A through understanding of the ‘basics’ or foundational skills of a child’s education is so important for students to succeed in their following education – everything they will do and learn in life relies on these initial skills! Educational gaps are so common, and could have resulted in something as small as missing a few days of school due to illness – but might set them back significantly.

Often children become disengaged or disruptive at school because they have gaps in their learning which prevent them from being able to move on to, and fully understand, the next topic. Students’ behaviour can often be misinterpreted as negative, when in some cases it may just be a way for the child to distract the teacher from the concept they are not understanding. By identifying and working on these vital learning gaps, the behaviours will soon subside as the child will become reengaged in the content they feel confident with.

With all this information identified within our specialised assessment, and taking everything we know about the child into consideration, our educators can make recommendations for their future education, along with tailoring a program based on their goals and incorporating their individual learning style. This way, we can ensure your child feels confident and ready to tackle future learning concepts.

Every child who joins our one-to-one or one-to-four educational bundles has an initial Educational Assessment included within their bundle, and will be continually monitored throughout their time with us. This allows us to provide the level of individualised educational support they need from us to succeed.

Would you like your child to complete an Educational Assessment with us?

Many parents want an extra insight into where their child is at, or maybe you are homeschooling and want to confirm that your child is progressing at the right level for their age.

As a parent, this is an essential tool to help you understand exactly where your child is at, any fundamental skills that need improvement and be able to measure how their schooling and our educational support is helping them progress.


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