To ensure the children can still have a Birthday Party and obey to the social distancing rules, Learning Pod Group has a LIMITED offer for only $199.

8 Children 2 x Science experiments and a GAME with a prize ( Allows 1 parent and 1 Learning Pod staff. )

Party ages 2 – 13 years old

Starting 16th of May 2020 – Times will only be available for;

Dates will be confirmed after purchase. Please write your preferred date to ensure your time can be allocated. If we are unable to lock a time in we will offer a full refund.

Our Party Activities

Ensure you talk to us about the duration of the activity as this can vary depending on the activity, number and age of the children. We can work with you for your specific party requirements.

Toddler themes are customised, talk to us directly ( 2 activities and a game is planned slightly different ) 

Kinetic Sand: The latest craze! Make your own kinetic sand then take it home for endless hours of fun.

Cloud Putty: Light and fluffy. Start a craze with Cloud putty

Colour Changing Putty: Amazing colour changing putty. Take it home for hours of play.

Foaming Dragon – Create your very own dragon to take home with you! Be part of a cool science experiment and watch each dragon explode with foam!

Unicorn Slime – Make your own fluffy slime in the crazy colour of your choice, getting your hands into it until it is stretchy and soft.

Explosion: Create 2 eruptions and continue with making bags explode!

Snot Slime: Make the most disgusting slime you’ve ever seen – and then trick your friends with fake boogers! Requires kettle.

Volcano Eruption + Lava Lamps – Learn about volcanoes as you watch your teacher(party host) create a real eruption – then make your very own lava lamp in a bottle… with no batteries needed to make it work!

Extracting DNA:  A perfect activity for our older Serious Scientists (suggested for ages 8+). Did you know DNA is in every living thing and you can actually see it?! Learn how to extract DNA from fruit for an insanely cool experiment.*Please note, the experiment cannot be taken home for this activity. This activity is an additional $49, please contact staff after booking.