In Home 14 Day Inspiring-Engaging-Education Package

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In Home 14 Day Inspiring-Engaging-Education Package
We have prepared packages full of ideas and activities to keep the whole family entertained and sane while stuck at home together. We have ideas for Science experiments using everyday materials, engaging activities that educate simultaneously, and ideas for the whole family to do together. After enrolment, we will confirm year levels and number of children.

  • Ideas for Toddlers right through to teenagers to keep them engaged while still learning.
  • Each child receives a list of activities to do based on their year level and aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Includes activities for the whole family!
  • Includes activities based around Science, Maths, English,  Wellbeing, and integrating creativity, problem solving and growth mindset to keep the whole family productive and engaged.
  • Receive 6 sets of activities over the 14 days.
  • Email us specific questions after each set.
  • Videos will be posted for frequently asked questions.

Families who wish to continue education at home, should isolation occur, are invited to complete an education assessment for an additional $229. These are available online or at our Port Kennedy location for a limited time. The assessments are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and identify any gaps students have in their learning. Using these gaps as a starting point, experienced educators create an education plan specific to your child’s learning goals.

Book here for an in store assessment:

Book here for an online assessment:


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In Home 14 Day Inspiring-Engaging-Education Package

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