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BS-HPS-21-68 Hillman - Year 5 & 6
BS-HPS-21-54 UHU Glue Stick 40g - FREE GLUE PROMOTION (Total debited at check out on full orders or orders over $60)
BS-HPS-21-35 Lever Arch File A4 Black
BS-HPS-21-20 Display Book Refillable A4 20 Pocket - Black
BS-HPS-21-27 Highlighter - 4 pack
BS-HPS-21-13 Cardboard 10 Tab Asst Colour
BS-HPS-21-12 Cardboard Document Wallet 30mm - Blue
BS-HPS-21-60 Whiteboard Marker 2.0mm Black
BS-HPS-21-31 Large PVC Free Eraser
BS-HPS-21-38 Metal Single Sharpener
BS-HPS-21-15 Coloured Pencils 12 pk - Faber Triangle grip
BS-HPS-21-6 30cm Ruler (mm/cm ONLY)
BS-HPS-21-10 Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm - Blue
BS-HPS-21-11 Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm - Red
BS-HPS-21-25 Fine Tip Marker 0.4mm Black
BS-HPS-21-32 Lead Pencil - HB
BS-HPS-21-42 Pencil Case
BS-RLPS-21-25 Scissors 130mm - 175mm Size to suit year (IF Left Handed indicate in NOTES)
BS-HPS-21-17 Desktop Calculator
BS-HPS-21-39 Multimedia Headset with Microphone and Volume Control
BS-HPS-21-24 Fibre Tip Coloured Markers 12 pk
BS-HPS-21-55 Voluntary Contribution per Child
  Parents To Supply
BS-HPS-21-5 2x Box of Tissues (2 Ply 200), 2x Packet Paper Towels, Drink Bottle
BS-PKPS-21-34 Library Bag
BS-HPS-21-7 8g USB
BS-HPS-21-69 Hillman – Free Bulk To School Pick Up on 29th January

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