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BS-PKPS-21-55 Port Kennedy - PrePrimary
BS-PKPS-21-31 Kluwell My Home Reading Journal - YELLOW 4 - 7 yr old
BS-PKPS-21-53 UHU Glue Stick 40gm - PROMOTION
BS-PKPS-21-48 Scrapbook Aussie 64 pg
BS-PKPS-21-54 Whiteboard Markers Bullet Point 4 pk ASSTD
BS-PKPS-21-8 A4 Mesh Pocket with Zipper
BS-PKPS-21-52 Twistable Crayons 6mm 12 pk
BS-PKPS-21-11 Artline 70 Permanent Marker - BLACK
BS-PKPS-21-37 Multimedia Headset without Microphone
BS-PKPS-21-19 Box of Tissues
BS-PKPS-21-40 Paper Towel
BS-PKPS-21-39 Paper Plates Small
BS-PKPS-21-18 Box of Snaplock Bags
BS-PKPS-21-34 Library Bag
  Voluntary Contribution
BS-PKPS-21-44 School Contributions     
BS-PKPS-21-21 Classroom Activities       
BS-PKPS-21-35 Mathematics                    
BS-PKPS-21-33 Library                               
BS-PKPS-21-42 Playgrounds 

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