At Learning Pod Group, we believe the most powerful way for a child to develop and reach their goals is with a family, holistic approach. We want each child to have a team of passionate individuals, specialised in different fields with the same best interest in mind – your child.
With this approach, the team can have regular meetings and conversations about each child’s goals and work together to achieve them across the board, strengthening the success of each child and their future.

Occupational therapists help people do the things they want to do, need to do, and have to do, through the use of functional assessment and developing specific intervention techniques tailored to the individual person. We use a holistic and person-centred approach to identify areas impeding a person’s ability to achieve their goals by changing aspects of the environment, providing equipment or techniques to improve engagement in occupation, or by educating and up-skilling the person.

With children, we use fun, hands-on and engaging activities to improve their ability in areas which they may need a bit of extra help, such as:

  • Improving fine motor skills which are important for handwriting, cutting, or completing small intricate tasks.
  • Strengthening gross motor skills which are used for developing strong grasps, carrying items, or playing with blocks and balls (gross motor play).
  • Developing coordination and proprioceptive skills to improve overall function in sports, full body activities, play, and regulating emotional behaviour.
  • Providing Positive Behaviour Support for parents who are experiencing difficulties with their child’s behaviour and emotional regulation.
  • Sensory Profiling Assessment and Sensory Integration intervention to educate parents and their children on modulating sensory input and in turn, regulating a child’s behaviour and emotional regulation.

Learning Pod Group has its own Occupational Therapist available for on demand support for our team across multiple Learning Pod sessions.
Your child can be observed within their regular educational sessions and a plan created based on various fine motor, gross motor, behaviour, attention and sensory input goals.

With the holistic approach in mind, Occupational Therapy sessions can be booked for our regular Learning Pod students, accessing educational sessions for a discounted rate of $99/session.
This includes a 45 minute session and instant reporting on your child’s progress.
The Occupational Therapist and your child’s educator will work together on the individual goals for a stronger approach.

Families who wish to book regular Occupational Therapy sessions without education sessions, may do so at $135/session.
To book a Sensory Profile Assessment, please contact us.

Learning Pod Group Terms and Conditions apply.

Our Speech Therapist has spaces opening soon. Enquire now to pre-book your place.


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We have a variety of exciting school holiday activities, including Messy Play, Little Engineering Masters, Harry Potter Day, Arts & Craft, and DAY CAMPS. Keeping it fun over the holidays and ensuring a fun experience for all. Children can be dropped off and collected at the end of the experience. To book click HERE:


Do you have as party to arrange and want something the kids will remember?  To book one of our amazing parties, please complete our booking form HERE:


We offer a variety of services to assist with you child’s education, including Customised Education Assessments (our team can provide an individualised education plan for your child), One-on-One Tutoring and Small Groups of Tutoring.  If you are looking to enrol or enquire about our Educational Services, please reach out via email at or complete our enrolment form below.

FIDGET ITEMS:                                               

We have in store a range of the latest fun fidget and educational items, perfect for any upcoming party or even just for fun. Our Online shop is currently under construction, but you can reach out to us to assist or pop into one of our centres.

  • PORT KENNEDY – 4/3 Fielden Way, Port Kennedy WA 6172
  • SUBIACO – 1/531 Hay Street, Subiaco (Just past Hungry Jacks – Village carpark)
  • JANDAKOT – 4/49 Armadale Rd, Jandakot WA 6164
  • BOORAGOON –  4/70 Norma Rd, Booragoon WA 6154
  • Mandurah – Unit 1 & 2, 11 Rouse Road, Mandurah WA 6210
  • We also offer Mobile in home or in School options

At Learning Pod, we offer a personalised Child Focused Plan
Management through our Co-ordinators, as well as offer a range of Capacity Building
classes. This term we have the following available: 

  • Movement and Wellbeing Groups  
  • Teen Readiness – Community participation Group
  • Peer Friendship – Social Skills Groups
  • Life Skills Sessions
  • Individual One to One sessions
  • Early Intervention – Parents &Toddler Groups
  • Day / Weekend Camps
  • Assistive and Adaptive products – Specialising in the Classroom or home environments 

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