Toddler Educational Classes – Day Care Staff Training

Learning Pod Group is extremely passionate about learning through play, exploration, sensory input and day to day experiences. We have created the opportunity to allow our passion to flow through to your children, to experience positive education and create a love of learning from day one. We have developed five weekly sessions per term, delving into an early childhood theme for deep exploration through many avenues, allowing your child to develop and engage whatever their learning style may be. Each week our program is specifically designed to meet the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, supporting children for a smooth transition to formal education.

Parents and children will explore and investigate a range of sensory items and activities which is scientifically proven to develop young learners pathways in the brain and support the growth of gross motor (large muscles) and fine motor (small muscles) skills.

Explore the necessary pre-reading and writing skills through language-rich activities, basic sign language, fine and gross motor skills, and developing a deep understanding and love for literature, an important base for all future learning.
The classes will also allow the children to develop their social and communication skills as we support and model engagement in a highly interactive group mat session.

Each week, you will receive an online report about the activities your child engaged in and their developmental and educational benefit, while being kept informed how to complete activities at home with their children to continue this process of learning.
Classes are $75 for a 5 week term.

We now offer educational classes in multiple locations. We currently have classes running in Bunbury, Cockburn, and Rockingham.

Bunbury and Cockburn include free entry to an indoor play centre where you can continue to play all day and relax with a coffee.

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