Tutoring & Classes

Empowering your child learn, flourish and succeed!

We offer a wide range of hands-on educational programs, from one-to-one education to small groups; every option is customised to the learning needs of each individual child. Whether your child is struggling with their work or confidence at school or you just want to ensure they are engaged and interested in their education, our educational bundles are one of the best ways to support your child’s learning and empower them for the future.

One size does not fit all when it comes to education and learning styles.

Our Weekly Education Bundles let you choose what suits your budget and your child, and our educators can also create a specific program if needed. Join us at any time during the year – we will simply adjust payment and schedules accordingly.

If your child needs specialised educational support, such as educators experienced with Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia or other learning needs, head to our Additional Educational Needs page for information on how we help our students with specialised learning difficulties.

Our ultimate goal is to see your child thrive, so we will work with you to understand what is best and tailor a program to make that happen. Learning Pod Group make education fun!

Our Educational Sessions

All our sessions are based on a personalised style of learning – face to face and with individualised support and specific plans to meet the child’s needs. We have the ability to really hone in on the child’s unique needs in order to best support what they are learning at school or at home. From educational books and supplies to sensory and therapy tools, our educators have everything on hand to tailor the sessions to your child and help them discover a love for learning!

Our unique Educational Assessments help us find the gaps in your child’s learning so we know exactly what is needed to help them succeed. We also regularly monitor each child’s progress so we can continue to ensure progress and cover any specific learning gaps or needs as they arise.

  • One to One Sessions: Kindergarten—Year 12 ATAR

An initial Educational Assessment allows our educators to plan each one to one session based on your child’s learning style and focused on the specific areas needing improvement; such as Maths, Spelling, Reading and Writing. Sessions run from 30 – 120 minutes with an experienced educator, and you receive a weekly online report letting you know what was covered in the session and what your child will be working on in the following week. We like to keep families in the loop and up to date with their children’s progress.

These sessions are available at the Learning Pod, online or we can come to you! Also available on a casual basis for one-off assignment or exam prep.

  • One to Four Group Sessions: Pre-Primary to Year 10

With up to four students per group, these sessions are ideal for additional assistance, practising group learning, or homework catch-up, while still allowing for individual learning goals and plenty of attention from our educator for each child.

Also includes initial Educational Assessment.

  • One to Eight Group Sessions: Pre-Primary – Year 10

This session groups up to eight students (in similar year levels) together to work on English and Maths skills. These sessions suit students needing additional homework support or to practice their group learning ability.

  • Lil’s Club – Classes for children from 6 months – 5 years old

These fun sensory classes have a focus on literacy, language, and fine motor skills for your little ones. Build your bub’s love of reading and learning through sight, sound and touch. With clubs running Australia-wide, please contact us for your nearest location and times.

Holiday Programs and Activities

Alongside our regular classes, which run throughout all school holidays, we also offer Science and Art-based activities, as well as educational top-up programs. These are all ‘drop and go’ so your child can continue learning and having fun while our parents can enjoy a well-deserved break! Visit our Events page to see what’s on.

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