A strong relationship between educator and student is vital for positive academic results.

Learning Pod has educators who specialise in Kindergarten through to ATAR. The right educator specific to your child and their needs will be chosen. We have educators which specialise in assisting students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism.

Join us at any time during the year – we will simply adjust payment and schedules accordingly.

Our Weekly Education Bundles let you choose what suits your budget and your child, and our educators can also create a specific program if needed.

Payment Options include:

ANNUAL one off payment – per school year paid first week of starting term 1. Example. 1:1 Sessions – 4 terms x 10 sessions (40 sessions) = $2400  *one off payment attract 7.7% discount.

DIRECT DEBIT spread your payments across the year – charged per week /52 weeks.  Example 1:1 Session – 4 terms x 10 sessions (40 sessions) 52 week payments of $50 = $2600 *Ideal for families requiring continued long term support. Direct Debit payments can be stopped at any time. **fees apply see below 

PER TERM – 10 weeks payable first week of term  Example. 1:1 Sessions – 1 Term x 10 sessions = $650

All education Bundles include


Choose from one of the following bundles. 

ONE TO ONE (1:1) @ $65 a session – $650 per term/$2600 per year*

Sessions begin with Learning Pod’s own educational assessment. They include one hour per week with an educator matched to your child’s educational goals. The educator will use the assessment results alongside school reports and caregivers’ goals to create a customised plan for each student. Weekly reports are provided online to show progress and future goals for each student.


  • 40 x 1:1 session


  • Online sessions available
  • 78c/km Mobile

Optional extra: The Learning POD Group offer discounts for additional services you may require.

*Can be paid via 52 wk payment plan of $50 per week.

DOUBLE UP (2 x 1:1) @ $55 per session – $1100 per term /$4400 per year*

This Bundle is perfect for students who need more than one session per week, as a more intensive option with the greatest opportunity for positive results. The Double Up Bundle includes all the benefits of the One to One Bundle x2! The sessions can focus on different subjects if required, with select educators for each.

*Can be paid via 52 wk payment plan of $85 per week.

FOCUS GROUP (1:4) @ $27 per session – $270 Per term/$1080 per year*

This bundle has a maximum of 4 students with one educator at similar academic levels. An assessment will be completed with each student and their individual goals will be catered for. The students complete a mixture of independent and group work during the 1 hour session per week. This is a great option for the budget minded families, or for students who just need a little bit of extra support or homework help.

*Can be paid via 52 wk payment plan of $22 per week.

NEW STUDENT BUNDLE @ Term fee dependent on Session type – $1840 per year* 

This bundle provides each student with intensive 1:1 support after an educational assessment and then eases them into a 1:4 Focus Group to continue on with their learning goals. This is a great option to assist with the budget, while still achieving great outcomes. 


  • 2 x 10 wk term = 1:1 session
  • 2 x 10 wk term = 1:4 Focus Group sessions

*New Students Bundles can be paid via 52 wk payment plan of $35 per week.

HOMESCHOOL – Contact centre for more info

We are seeing an increasing number of homeschool students attending Learning Pod. We run a series of homeschool groups for Primary and High School students. These groups are a great opportunity to form social bonds with other students while assisting with subjects complementary to at-home learning. Learning Pod can also customise a program including multiple sessions per week for students who do not wish to do their schooling at home and would prefer to do it at Learning Pod. We can cover all your core subjects – Let us know where you need support!


Here at Learning Pod, we understand every student and every family is different. Talk to us about how we can customise a programme for you!

**Note you are welcome to pay per term or sign up to a 52 wk dd payment plan to lower your weekly payments, this has a $25 fee set up and $50 early exit fee

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