Re-engaging at-risk youth with their education

Many young people face roadblocks in their education due to factors such as anxiety, trouble in group learning environments, difficult home situations or from simply becoming disengaged.

Challenging behaviour or disengagement from schooling is often a symptom of the real, underlying issues that are making them unable to engage, focus or even care about their education.

We will assess where they are at, create a learning plan that is tailored to what they need to learn – and how they learn, so we can help them succeed.

Our goal is to work with disengaged youths to ease them safely into the community via learning life and social skills, discovering a purpose, and transitioning into adulthood – whether through school or the workforce.

Through one to one education, we offer the specialised support they need, tailored to provide them with not just a foundational education, but also social skills and a life-long love of learning.

If your child is struggling at school, disengaged from their education or school is no longer the right option for what they need, we are here to help.

Contact us today to discuss your situation.

If you are the guardian of an at-risk youth and would like assistance with their education, please get in touch.

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